I write.
I take pictures.
I make videos.
I design things.

Featured Work

Droplr Web Copy

In 2014 I worked for an awesome startup called Droplr. It’s a simple file-sharing tool for Mac and iOS. I wrote all the web copy, including the extensive help section. I also wrote many of the blog posts, too. Check it out!


Droplr: Sharing Made Simple

Promotional video for Droplr using stock footage from Pond5.


Hemmings: A Brief History of Biofuels


When the price of gas leaps into the stratosphere, we scramble to find alternatives and biofuels become big news. They’re hailed as miracles of modern technology that promise to solve our energy problems – or at least ease the pain. But biofuels are not new. In fact, Henry Ford himself envisioned a future filled with biofuels, Rudolph Diesel (yep, that diesel) wanted his famous engine to run on peanut oil, and had it not been for the Civil War, we’d probably be fueling up with biofuels today. So what happened? Why did we forget about biofuels? Read more…

BendBroadband Alpha Remote

Written, filmed and produced for BendBroadband.

Alchemy Solutions and NetCOBOL

In 2011-2012, I worked as head of Marketing Communications at Alchemy Solutions, an IT modernization firm in Bend, OR. I helped formulate overall messaging strategy and crafted copy, including web copy, press releases, white papers and case studies. I also managed the redesign of the company websites at http://www.alchemysolutions.com and http://www.netcobol.com.


Dustin Driver Resume

Attention spans are shrinking. If you want readers, you need to be quick, clear, and precise. I craft sharp, compelling copy to nab readers before they flitter off.

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Wade Beauchamp

Bicycle frame builder Wade Beauchamp of Vulture Cycles discusses his craft.

Wade Beauchamp of Vulture Cycles from Dustin Driver on Vimeo.

J. Livingston Bikes

Video about J. Livingston Bikes at Bend Velo in Bend, OR.

J. Livingston Repurposed Bikes at Bend Velo from Dustin Driver on Vimeo.

Wade Beauchamp Preview

Preview of a video I’m producing about Bend bicycle frame builder Wade Beauchamp.


Wade Preview from Dustin Driver on Vimeo.

Making Denmark

Video produced for B+H Photo.

Daniel Fickle of Two Penguins discusses making the music video for “Denmark,” by The Portland Cello Project.


Making Denmark from Dustin Driver on Vimeo.